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Does anyone live/vacation on Cape Cod?

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If you do, can you give me any advice on where to stay with kids, and/or how to find a good rental? I've been there several times, but that was a long time ago, and I'm hoping to take DH and the kids back this summer. I'm envisioning a cottage on the beach, clamming, cooking our own lobsters, etc., but all that back-to-nature stuff might be cost-prohibitive :lol: I'd love to stay a month, but a max of two weeks might be more realistic. I've stayed in Truro, Wellfleet, and Hyannis, but always in motels or B&Bs, not in anything freestanding, or where we would, say, cook our own food.


Any advice is welcome. Thank you!

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We used to go to Dennisport and rent a small cottage across the street from the Sea Street beach. Much more affordable, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen and living room, with pool privileges at the hotel next door. It's small so we would trip over each other now, but when the kids were small, it was just right.


Here's the link to the motel




I see they have a nearby condo now, but that is not one of the ones that are part of the Old Landing condo association (which is why they don't get the pool.) The one we stayed in was a separate cottage. He used to coordinate rentals of some of the cottages and may still. It has been a few years.


Not air conditioned - bring a fan.

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We really like going out past Hyannis...too crowded there. Chatham, Brewster, Wellfleet are all nice options. We have rented homes there three or four times. I think we've used cyberrentals.com a few times. Usually I just google "vacation home rental cape cod" or "vacation home rental brewster" and see what comes up. We've always been happy with what we've rented.

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