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Newsletter Ideas, Please?

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I publish a 24-26 page newsletter that goes out to hundreds of subscribers locally. I still need a couple of articles for next months issue, and I'm feeling stumped. :001_unsure:


So tell me Hive Mind-What kind of articles would you like to read in a homeschooling newsletter? I would love all kinds of ideas, because I try to focus each issue on a different topic when possible.


Thank you so much for the help! :001_smile:

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I often wanted to see articles on what happens when things don't go right while homeschooling. How does a family react or cope? I purposely being vague on what kinds of 'things' can go wrong. ;) Because we know lots of things don't go right sometimes.

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Curriculum reviews are always a big help for me.

I like ideas on how to schedule under various circumstances--with toddlers running around, when Mom is sick, when you want to do a light summer, when you have a wide span between kids but each needs to have Mom's attention, etc.

Chore lists and "reasonable expectations" are nice to have listed.

A case study each month of someone's typical day, each person chosen schooling with a different philosophy--What does Ann the Classical Homeschooler's day look like? How about Harry, the Unschooler's, or Mary the Charlotte Mason follower?



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How about planning early for next year? For curric. junkies, they're already shopping around to find something that suits their kids more, and conventions are just around the corner...

How about a Valentine's special, with different projects, the history of Valentine's Day, etc.?

How about tying Valentine's together with some sort of New Year's/New Beginning type theme? Perhaps modeling to your kids what being a servant is, and doing family things that serve the community (soup kitchen, clothes sorting for homeless shelters, visiting the elderly, etc.)

I always enjoy hearing other homeschoolers' ideas re: their schedules, what a typical day looks like in their home, how they have changed their philosophy or style through the years, etc. Personal glimpses into other family's lives are always interesting! :o)


HA! Chris above posted at the same time as me LOL... GREAT ideas Chris!!

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Do you have new homeschoolers as subscribers? When I first started homeschooling 11 years ago, the stories I found that described homeschoolers were of multi-talented, gifted, beautiful, always courteous to siblings as well as to the public, cleaned their rooms every day without complaint, got up early to do the farm work, did all their advanced/gifted schoolwork, had a small business of their own, etc...................


Quite the picture I had, and I just knew I was going to fail! A local friend from church talked to me about the realities of a homeschool day. Yes, some days go great, but some also are not so great. Kids are human, they argue, etc.


Maybe those idealistic stories aren't around anymore, but when I started out, I would have LOVED hearing true stories, of how someone had a bad day or week, but they worked it out, or something like that. I am not sure if you have any REAL stories like that, but it could help put a newbie's mind at rest, knowing that others have difficulties, make mistakes, and have bad days sometimes too!

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Thanks for the wonderful ideas! When we took over this publication in July, I underestimated how much time it would take. It is so hard to be creative every month! We have a wide range of subscribers from newbies to old-hands, so I try to include a variety of articles.


Brindee-I heard all those stories too. It was a trend at the time wasn't it? I try to always be postive, but you are right I think it is more helpful to hear that you don't have to be perfect every day.

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