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Has anyone ever been to Tuscany?

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Not Tuscany, but we went to the South of France many years ago. We spent most of our days walking...on the beaches...through lavendar fields...through quaint villages. It was an amazing experience. We went towards the end of May and the weather was perfect.

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This is my hearts desire. To go to Tuscany and walk in quiet, peaceful, beautiful places. If you have been there, what is it like? Where are the best places to go? Where did you stay, what would you recommend? What season is the best time to go? I do not like tourist traps so what else is there to do?


My wife and I did a trip through parts of Northern Italy, including parts of Tuscany, more than a dozen years ago.


One decision we made, which is something you might consider, was to stay in accommodations associated with what the Italians call "Agriturismo". These are farms, wine-estates, olive producers, and other romantically rustic locations that take in paying guests.


We stayed in wonderful old rustic stone farmhouses, and Villas. Many places included meals with the family. I couldn't have been more delighted by the experience. We saw a side of Italy we could only have dreamed of, and what passes for "rustic" in Northern Italy will surprise you in it's luxury!


It did mean renting a car, so we could sight-see and explore the near-by cities like Sienna and Florence. But what a romantic way to see Italy!



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Our family spent over a week based in Singalunga about 45 minutes south of Florence. Lovely, lovely area. We rented a small 'cottage' as our base and traveled from there. Singalunga is not a tourist destination.


Every day we would drive to a different small town nearby and enjoy it's pleasures. Rick Steves is a wonderful guide. We fed our addiction to great food, great art, wine, POTTERY!, architecture, and landscape viewing. The most fun we had was getting off the main highways and wandering the small rural roads.


We went in June which is a lovely time. The sunflowers were in bloom, the vineyards looked great. The European schools are still in sessions, so the only tourists are foreigners like us.


Singalunga was about a 45 minute drive from Cortona of 'Under the Tuscan Sun' fame. I love that book (hate the movie) and wanted to wander those streets. Very nice.


Italian people are friendly. If the only Italian you know is good morning or good evening, the Italians will take that to mean you speak fluently. We found them as friendly in their way as Texans....which meant we got along great.


Go...its a lovely, lovely, lovely destination. It's been eight years since we were there and just today our 18 year old son was talking about one of our favorite places to eat there. Good memories!

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