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Sad story

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Our Mama Cat gave birth to 4 kittens just before Christmas.....under my bed. We took them out and cleaned up under there just as soon as we could. She kept her kittens in my dd room and then relocated them to my ds closet.

Soon after they started wondering around she moved them into my closet (UGH) and they seemed to be doing fine. Shortly after that move we had to "kick" her out of there and we put her under the couch in the great room. Our other cat and our dog were really curious about her but never harmed her.

Then one day my dd heard a loud kitten cry and saw the mama bring a kitten out from under the couch and drop it on the couch cushion. Within 2 hours it died. Mama cat took the rest of her kittens to ds room again where, within 3 days, another kitten was found dead....under a piece of paper ????

She then moved her last 2 kittens back to my closet and in the morning another kitten was found dead in a space between to boxes. And now, the last one just died.

A friend of mine was here this morning and she looked at the Mama Cat's nipples and all were gone but one that look sore and full. I am guessing she got mastitis and we never knew. I am really missing the kitties!

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