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What do you think about electronics?

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I am really struggling with the "electronics" thing in my house. The kids have online games that they like to play and my oldest has a facebook. We don't watch much Tv but the kids have been begging for a Wii or a PS2 (PS3 or 4 maybe, I can't keep track). My husband is dropping little hints about wanting one too. He says he thinks it will be fun (ex-video game junkie). Anyway, I am just nervous about doing it as I am afraid their love of reading and knowing how to keep themselves entertained w/o the use of electronics would be a thing of the past.


I would like to know how you handle this in your home and....


Do you believe it takes away from children loving to read? Or have you been able to have both?



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I can see value in the Wii games we have--they are fun, they require some movement, and we can play them as a family. Like any entertainment option, they can be misused. I do not like the PS2 games (the ones my teenage boys are attracted to) because I don't want them simulating killing, destroying, and fighting. There are other ones, tho.

I do think video games in particular can be so stimulating that they can act like a drug on the brain, as can TV. I would just rather not have them at all.

We did not get a video system until my olders were about 12 and 14. The 12 yo was playing those games at a friend's house, but wasn't over there every minute, so I thought it was ok. The most dramatic change/influence we saw was slightly before that, when we gave the boys Gameboys, around 2nd grade, I think. Ds dramatically reduced his time playing other things--time outside, time building and exploring, etc. He was "addicted."


I would just consider the ages of your youngest, and wait for a while. It will give you one less thing to have to set limits on. And your hubby? Well, once a gamer, always a gamer--most of the time. The guys I know who really love gaming are not spending that time with their kids. It can become isolating. OTOH, some dads enjoy playing video games with their kids. It's just that they aren't choosing the "take care of pets" type of games--murder and mayhem tend to rule in grown male choices. JMO, which you asked for.

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We are an electronic family. All of us. In some ways I am not the right person to answer your thread, however, I can respond to my kids love of reading. We have no rules whatsoever with electronics ... oops, one rule, on school days they have to wait till after 3:30 ... that's it. Both of my dd's like to read. The older one LOVES to read. They have grown up with both and have had no adverse affects. What dh and I have tended to notice ... only because now I read these threads where people actually limit games/videos/etc. ... is that our dd's regulate themselves. Some weeks they might be really into finishing Lego Star Wars or trying to catch all the fish in Animal Crossing and play non-stop. Some weeks they don't turn it on because they are busy with other things. We just recently got a Wii and we are playing it more than usual, but older dd has already went back to alternating playing and reading and whatever else a teen girl does:D It really does work out ok.

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We are a non-electronic family. Well, sort of.


My husband likes gaming and would have the TV 24 hours a day. I find them objectionable inasmuch as the children cannot seem to play nicely together when they've had a lot of electronic exposure, and are constantly complaining of being bored in a house full of toys, games and books. I also take exception to the fact that, when visiting with my in-laws, the TV is inevitably turned on. They also have a Wii, and I understand that Christmas was spent playing that. (We stayed home) Basically, I object to them because they seem to scream to be turned on, are often used in a rude, antisocial manner, and my children seem to lose the ability to think outside the electronic box, as Chris mentioned.


That said, the kids have MP3 players, and we own a Leapster and some sort of V-Tech gizmo that hooks up to the TV, but it's rare (like twice a year, for a week stint, maybe) that anyone plays it. They watch movies, but not on any consistent basis. It's more weather dependent; if it's been rainy all week and they're getting stir crazy, or if it's 4 degrees out (like today), we'll make some popcorn and put in a film.


I think it has more to do with your kids and your family's attitude toward the media than any global "rule".

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