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Did you know artist Andrew Wyeth was homeschooled?

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If you get a chance to read the bio of A.W. by Richard Meryman, it is excellent. Andrew was sickly as a child and stayed home and read a lot...his imagination was quite fired...but he also had a highly imaginitive father, N.C. Wyeth....he really took his kids imaginations and ran with it! Some of the story's in the bio are fascinating.


When Jamie (Andrew's son) was in 6th grade he wanted to quit school to pursue painting. His mom was against it, but his father encouraged him to do so. He did quit school, doing some at home, but pursued his study of painting.


Hey when I worry about "holes" in my childs education I think of the Wyeths. I'm willing to bet their education was fueled by what they loved and holes be ****ed! Success is not often defined by how much we "know".

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Oh how sad! I really like Andrew Wyeth and his paintings, largely because of my mom, who was a bit of an artist herself. She always said that Andrew Wyeth and his father, N.C. Wyeth, were her favorite artists. I'm so sorry to hear this. He was extremely talented, and I'm glad that he attained such well-deserved acclaim. There's nothing wrong with being an "artist of the people". :) He was able to bring so much detail and emotion into a painting.


From the article, it sounds like the fact that he was homeschooled (or home tutored) allowed him more time and opportunity to develop his artistic talents. How sad it would have been if he had not had this extra time to develop his talent!


Thank you for sharing this, Jane.

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