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Foerster Algebra 1 users

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I've kind of been lurking around here, trying to get ideas for dd's future math. The Foerster books appeal to me the most and seem the most doable for me. I've found several different editions and was wondering about the differences between them. I did find a post on the old board comparing the '84 and the '94 ones. But I can't find anything about differences between the '94 and the '99 classic. Anybody know?



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I have been told that you can use the teacher's edition for any of the earlier editions with the student edition of any other edition. While I have never owned the 1999 and later versions, I have owned the 1984, 1990, and 1994 editions, and they are virtually identical. The 1984 and 1990 editions include a chapter on Basic computer language which is not in the later editions and there are a few minor errors which are corrected in later editions, but otherwise there is little difference among editions, including the 1999 classic edition. I don't know about the 2006 classic edition, but I suspect it is almost identical, too, since all the other editions are.

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