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If you live in the Twin Cities area

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in the northwest suburbs specifically AND you have ds around age 10 who likes sports or other important interests, would you be interested in meeting us?


Ds9 (10 next month) is so lonely for a friend! We don't have many social outlets, he has 2 sisters younger who are great playmates sometimes, but they are not much into boy things, kwim? He is just lonely. Today I saw it in his eyes when the only friend he has cancelled playdate b/c he is sick. This boy is a good friend even though they don't have favorite things in common. My ds would be thrilled to have a friend who has more in common with him. And if you have some younger dc, it might be a great fit for both families! My dd's are: 7 (almost 8) and 6.


Posting here makes me feel a bit desperate. But maybe I am since I have tried to match us up through local outlets for 2+ yrs now. Sports come and go w/no ongoing relationships formed. We don't really have age-appropriate neighborhood kids either. We don't attend a church currently. We are part of a hs co-op, but no real "matches" there either!


The idea to post this request has flickered through my mind a couple of times since reading someone else's posts here a couple weeks ago. When she shared her family's loneliness, a couple of hive members "wished" they could hang out together but travel distance would prevent that. I figure there are many of us in this boat - and possibly there is someone right here in my neck of the woods! I did, after all, send a pkg to someone who lives almost in my backyard from the FS board!


Anyhow, I thought I'd give this a shot. It's kind of a step out there for me so I'd like to exchange a few emails with anyone interested! Please email - click on my name at the top - or pm me.


Thank you!

Cheryl :seeya:

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