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I need help from all you 'natural' mommas out there

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I have a question. 3 of us in our family have been sick since Thanksgiving. The boys have been on numerous rounds of antibiotics and it's just not getting rid of it. It's nasal congestion, ear pain and chest congestion. I sick of antibiotics that aren't working. I am looking for a natural way to cleanse our systems and get rid of this junk. I know there has to be something out there.....any suggestions????



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We are not really 'natural', not like others (hopefully some day), but we use oil of oregano from the health food store to get rid of nagging infections. If it is mainly allergy stuff a humidifier and saline nose drops work very well for us. Check the air filter too, it may need changing. Vit. D seems to be keeping my DS5 out of allergy land these days. Something non-natural that we have used with success is Mucinex (it is OTC) to clear out congestion.


Have you had any recent leaks or purchased new furniture? There may be mold or out-gassing sensitivities to blame.


Yuck, it is no fun to be sick especially that long. Hopefully everyone feels better soon.

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Garlic can work really well (although it does stink!). I had a particularly nasty virus a couple of years ago that I kicked by mincing garlic and downing it raw with a spoonful of honey.


Something that works really well for nasal/sinus congestion is a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in a saline nasal spray.

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Have you looked into Yogurt and Kefir? It repopulates your gut with friendly micro organizisms (especially after numerous rounds of antibiotics). This will help your body to heal itself. Kefir grains can be bought on the internet. The process and taste take a bit to get use to but I have found that the pay off is great. I have found a few really good recipes and stuck with them. Google Dom and Kefir and you will find the guru of Kefir.


OmegaBrite has been soooo helpful to us. It is pricey but man is the money worth it. You might be able to get similar effect with a flax oil. I just call it Tutti Fruit and my kids glup it off a spoon.


There is nothing like good old fashioned rest! Extra sleep may help a smidge. If nothing else, it will give *you* a break to face the next day!


I'm sorry you have been dealing with sickness. School is difficult to finish up when your dealing with illness.

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Isn't Colostrum the stuff that comes out before milk while nursing? Where do you get that??


:lol::lol:Yup. You can get it here.

Here is a great write-up from the Vitamin Lady

I wanted to add that the Grapefruit Seed extract nasal Spray helps with inflamed nasal cavities, Primadophilus is excellent for espablishing balance and good bacteira that are destroyed after using antibiotics , and Zinc is a great aid in cellular reproduction, which is the process of growth and repair.

Good Luck!

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Isn't Colostrum the stuff that comes out before milk while nursing? Where do you get that??


Yes, it is.

It's what helps to stimulate the baby's immune system for the first few weeks.

You only want to buy it from an organic and completely reputable company.

I can personally recommend Symbiotics chewable colostrum.

You can get it from http://www.vitacost.com for around $13, or $20 at Whole Foods.

I give it to my boys all year round to keep their immune system strong and ready for exposure to 'bugs' of all kinds.

They also take Herbs for Kids tinctures for immune health.

It's great, and nothing beats echinacea and astragalus.

(Herbs work best in combination with each other. Instead of 1 + 1, it's more like 1 x 10 when they are taken together)

The 2 oz will be big enough for all of you to take for a few weeks.

You'll want to take a three day break every two weeks with echinacea.

It's also available at vitacost.com for about half of what you'd pay elsewhere.

Even if you pay for the 2 day shipping, you'll still save money~





Hope this helps~

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I second -third?- the garlic.


There is, however, a different mind set in approaching health naturally. It's not so much the "if x is wrong, use y to fix it" of allopathic medicine. The idea is to use herbs, homeopathy, accupuncture, whatever, to nourish and tone the body so that it can heal itself and is an unwilling host to pathogens.


That said, garlic is definitely antibicrobial when raw. One remedy I have used successfully to get rid of sinus infections and other upper-respiratory illnesses has been tomato "tea". You measure out a cup (drinking vessel, not necessarily 8 oz) of tomato juice into a pan, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and a clove or two of minced garlic, then heat it just until it's warm-hot. Add a couple of splashes of your favorite hot sauce and sip it like tea. The steam and hot sauce open everything up, the garlic fumes get up into the sinuses to kill off the yucky stuff. At the same time, you're giving your body a nice boost of vitamin C, flavonoids, and other vitamins and minerals to help on the healing course.


Certain herbs also have a natural affinity for different organs and systems, as well. You may want to look into those that support the immune system, along with one that is a specific for the respiratory system. There are a number of commercial preparations out there. (I prefer to make my own infusions and syrups, though)


I hope you all feel better soon. I know this thing going around can be miserable.

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