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We're leaving for Egypt tomorrow..

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It's semester break for dh over here, and after a bit of indecision (Egypt or India) we decided to go to Egypt for ten days. This is our first "real" vacation in, like, twelve years? Ever since we started having kids, all our vacations have been visits to either his or my family, and I really don't think those count. I suppose that is one side result of living some distance away from both families.


Anyway, it has been kind of strange to plan for this trip because we just haven't done it in so long, lol. Dh and I actually met in Egypt (we were both students at the American Univ in Cairo 15-odd years ago), so we have places we want to go back and see; we're both a little nervous to see how much has changed since we were there.


Mostly I'm trying to not turn this into some kind of extended school field trip, but it is so so hard!

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Have a brilliant time.


Dh was in Egypt recently and had a wonderful time- and took some amazing photos.


We recently took the kids to India- and had a blast - so I would certainly recommend heading there next time you get a chance!


Have a safe and exciting trip.


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We recently took the kids to India- and had a blast - so I would certainly recommend heading there next time you get a chance!


We actually were in India a couple years back; dh's parents are originally from there, so really it was less of a vacation than a visiting-relatives thing. We did very little sightseeing.


When we talked about going again this year, it was again along the lines of visiting extended family. I think it'll be hard with short trips to be able to get in much sightseeing, unfortunately; but I left it entirely up to him to make the final choice here, because it's his family, kwim?


When we got married we had a "wedding" in Mumbai as well, and then we stayed for upwards of a month and were able to travel around quite a bit; but with two weeks (or less) I'm pretty sure our time would be mostly spent going from house to house.. I really enjoy seeing them all, but it is a different trip. We need to go again for several weeks, then maybe we could carve out time to travel within India.


My other interest, since we're living over here and all, is to visit Iran; but that's pretty much on the back burner until the political situation improves (hopefully sometime in my lifetime?)..

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When we went to India, we went to Bangalore and then down to Kerela.

We were fascinated with Kerela, and are planning another longer trip this year.( hoping to spend a month there)


Dh is hoping to win a tender to build a resort in Kerela, and if thats the case, we will relocated there for a year or so.


We too would love to visit Iran, but will wait for a little longer before doing so.


Also on the holiday "list" while we are based in the UAE, are Yemen and Jordan

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