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Michelangelo Buonarroti pronunciation?


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In his native Italian, it would be pronounced more like MEE-kul-AHNJ-uloh BWOH-nuh-ROH-tee. (kind of flows nicely, doesn't it, with every other syllable accented?)


But he is so dadgum famous that art historians all over the world talk about him. German used to be the primary language of art history, and English is also used quite a bit, so you will also hear it pronounced this way, which is not considered incorrect. (The accents are the same.) MIH-kul-ANJ-elo BWAH-nuh-RAH-tee. So not very different. I think most folks here would agree with me that they hear the third syllable of his first name pronounced both ways -- short English "a" (my second example) and Italian/Latin "a", which is prounced as in FATHER (my first example).


Sigh, more than you wanted.



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