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Questions about VP lit guides

Amber in AUS

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I am looking at what we will do for 1st. We have been enjoying FIAR and i wondered if the VP lit guides were similar, but different? :lol:


OK, i guess what i am meaning is that the books are designed for the child to read not the parent, correct? Then they would have comprehension and other exercises to do that go along with the book? At the end of the chapter? End of the book? It is hard to get the big picture from their website are their samples anywhere?


FYI - If DD keeps progressing the way she is going i would think she will be reading on about a grade 4 level by next year. She is pushing grade 2 level now. Her comprehension seems solid at the moment.


LA is not my strong suit so i am determined to cover all my bases and as she is enjoying FIAR so much i wondered if this wouldn't be better because i'd like to do other things for history and science which we are already starting to bring in. OR, should i just continue and get FIAR vol 2 but use the LA portion only?

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The Veritas guides generally have questions for each chapter and for many chapters an activity or project (sometimes craft, baking, writing, drawing). We use the questions verbally some days and on other days I require written answers. For us it depends on what other writing is going that particular day. For younger kids I have even taken the answer verbally, written it for them and then used the writing of it for copywork. You could use the guide whether you were reading or your child was. We do a mix of they read independently and out loud to me.


The activities vary greatly depending on the target age for the books. My DD (5th) did Swiss Family Robinson which required some written projects as well as some crafts while with DS (2nd) we used the guide for Little House which had fun baking, drawing and craft projects. They both had comprehension questions for all chapters (and answers in the back for Moms).


If you search Veritas Press on the Rainbow Resource website and go to the comprehension guides you can see a sample page for some of their guides (If you look at Boxcar Children, Alice in Wonderland, Baby Island you will get a sample of questions and project pages).


Hope that helps.

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