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What is your scope and sequence for science for grammar/logic?

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I have a couple of questions regarding science:


#1. Right now, the plan is to use Apologia for 7th-12 grade.


Last year we did science pretty informally. This year we are using NOEO Biology 1 (supplementing with lapbooks) and loving it!

I am thinking ahead to 3-6 grade and wondering what to do. I am not opposed to creating my own plans, but I do prefer to have it done for me.


So, what are your plans? I need some inspiration...and links!


#2 I would really like to keep my boys (two grade levels apart) together for science...they are together for history (TOG)...to make it easier on me. However, I am wondering if this is possible once you get into the higher level learning of science. If I start Apologia Physical Science, like I plan, in 7th grade will it be too much for my 5th grader. Then what about Chemistry in 10th (oldest ds)...he'll be in 8th (youngest ds)...will it be too much for him?


I really need to hear from some people who have BTDT. Is it possible to keep kids together in the upper years of Science?



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I've recently been lurking on the Highschool board, and to my surprise, there are alot of people who like BJU for science. We did a semester of Apologia Zoo 1, and my kids weren't very "engaged" with it.


I just purchased BJU Science 2 yesterday, and we are going to try that and see how it works out. I've read the TM and it is VERY engaging and colorful, with easy fun activites, Perfect for the age and stage of my dc. If we like it, we might stick with it!:001_smile:

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