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Can we discuss phones? I'm due for an upgrade

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And I'm overwhelmed by the possibilities! Do I need a data plan? Do I need WiFi? If I don't need it, do I want it? Argh!!!


My oldest is off at college and texts me daily. By the time I get my reply entered he has already sent me 2 more texts. So...I need something that will make texting easier. i-Phone, Blackberry, Palm?


Is the data plan for i-Phone worth $30 per month? We already have a good family plan with 4 phones and unlimited texting for all phones. Would I use the internet? I like the idea of WiFi because it would be great to travel with (leave laptop at home), but only a few models of phones are WiFi enabled.


What about some of the cheaper phones like the Samsung Instinct that would offer a cheaper ($15) data plan? Is it as user friendly as an i-Phone?


I have an old dinosaur of a phone (Nokia). It does basic phone stuff (no camera, no mp3). So anything I get will be a technological advance - but will I be able to figure it all out????



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I have the Samsung Eternity, which is the AT&T touchscreen phone. I love it! It uses the $15 data plan, plays MP3s, has a 3mp camera, has both a number and qwerty, works in different orientations to make typing, dialing, emailing, and texting easier. I've been very pleaseed with it and have only just scratched the surface of its abilities. I really need a good calendar program and so far it's been a very easy one to pick up.


Good luck looking...it's very overwhelming!!!

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I love my iphone! I wasn't sure I would. Dh went to buy one for himself and came home with one for me as well. I have the old (original) model with the $20 data plan.


I love being able to look things up online even when away from a computer. I can check my email. I can find the nearest post office/restaurant/store/etc. Heck, I can even come check the forums here. ;) I love being able to listen to something and have it gently fade out when I'm receiving a call. As soon as the call is finished, what I was listening to comes right back on.

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I just got a Blackberry and it is very nice. My sis got an i-Phone and loves it, but she is a total Apple devotee, so no surprise there. Totally depends on your use. I think I would be fine with a qwerty phone and the basic $15 plan. We have a really good discount through my sister's employer, so we went ahead with a smartphone.


I've used sister's phone once or twice and the touch screen was kind of nice and seemed very easy to use. I am not in a place to spend that kind of money on a phone right now.


Texting on the Blackberry is very easy. I am sure there are a ton of features I am not utilizing yet, but it still is nice to be connected. My dh never thought he'd use his as anything more than a phone, but he has quickly realized just how wrong he was. He didn't think my dad would use his either (they work together), but they are both using them quite a bit. It is great for them to be able to respond to client emails while out in the field.


Side note for all of you AT & T users: be sure to check with AT & T to see if you qualify for any discounts on your plan (based on school/employer). My sis, who works for a local university, didn't have a clue that there were discounts available. Her frugal sis (that's me ;)) encouraged her to check into it, and now we have a very nice discount on our family plan. Check here!


Sorry for the rambling! HTH!



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I've used the Treo and iPhone. I love the iPhone! It's the best gift I've ever received. Yes, the internet is fun, albeit not necessary, while away from home. Email is vital for me, as is texting and phone service.

I've used ipods since they first came out and can't imagine life without my music. iPhone allows movies and photos as well. If you can justify the $30 data plan, it's so worth it!

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My oldest is off at college and texts me daily.


I wish ER would text me daily! That is, I wish he'd initiate the "conversation" that often. He always responds when I text him, but he doesn't initiate unless he needs/wants something. He never sends a text just to say he's thinking of us or just to say hi. He's never been much of a conversationalist, so I guess it's just not his nature.


When he went back to school after Christmas, I told him, "Text us every day just to let us know you're doing okay, and call a couple of times a week." "Okay," he said. But he doesn't. He called me Monday -- first day back -- to tell me about some changes to his schedule, and I haven't heard from him since. I want to text him or call, but I don't want to pester him, so I've resisted the temptation. I feel a bit rejected, though, KWIM?

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