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Has anyone used the DVDs for Conceptual Chemistry?

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Because we bought a new book, the DVD came with it and is good for 6 months. Rumour has it that the author will extend that time for free for a high school student.


DS, grade 7, is using the book. He's the kind of kid who can go to an Imax film and remember everything he sees and hears. For him, watching the DVD is very helpful. I don't know if it would work as well for DD, who sometimes zones out when watching films.


There are exercises (I think) with the DVD, but it's not interactive. DS just watches each section, then reads the book, then does the questions.


I'm very pleased with the book & DVD. For us, this is a junior high class that will be followed by an ap or honours class in high school--because ds is likely headed to be an engineer or scientist.

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