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reading corrections

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How do I handle/deal/correct ds's reading?


He will say "Tim" when it is "Tom"


"in" when it is "on" or even say "no"


and he still mixes up "b" and "d"


It's frustrating for me when he makes these mistakes as I feel it's just lack of concentration, and he's not paying close enough attention. :banghead:


He'll be 8 in two days.

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It sounds like he's guessing on things like "Tim" and "Tom," but the reversals would concern me too. My daughter didn't have reading reversals, she had writing reversals. Dianne Craft helped us and I know others that have used her resources for what your describing with great success. I went to a conference and she was wonderful. She has videos of her conferences as well as books. However, if you go to her website and click on "Lesson Plans for a Struggling Reader" under Info, it gives the summary of the things she would recommend you do.




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