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Online Highschool Recommendations? Anyone?

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My oldest child will be starting 9th grade next year and I am really scared of doing high school.. The transcripts! The Chemistry! The Calculus! How can I ever do this?

I have 3 other younger children who I am homeschooling also and I think that I've finally reached the breaking point as far as time goes (I also work part-time).


Are there any online schools that are really worth considering?



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I'm really kinda against full schools. There are a few options that way. Maybe someone can point you to a good one.


However, what about picking courses from online offerings though you'll have to keep the transcript still. But someone else determines the work, grades it, etc. You just keep the semester/year grades. But you'll have more control over what high school looks like, what courses to take, interest based learning, taking 5 courses one semester and 9 another (depending on needs and workload and such).


There are TONS of online courses to choose from. Would that compromise be a decent fit for y'all?

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Instead of a full blown on-line highschool, how about mixing in a few different options--on a class by class basis. For example, there are great online writing programs(Write@home, and Home2teach to name a few). For science and foreign language, Bob Jones DVD's have been a huge lifesaver for me. Potter's School also offers a full array of academic classes and electives.


I know exactly how you feel in needing more help for highschool---the help is there...and by looking at each subject individually, you will have more freedom to craft your own curriculum than you would at an online school.


Good Luck!

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I am also looking at online schools/ courses for 9th grade next year. Here are some of the options: Nebraska-Lincoln Online HS, Indiana University Online HS, Scholars Online, PA Homeschoolers for AP classes ( they don't offer Environmental Science and AP Biology), Potters School, University of Oklahoma (Spanish and German), Stanford Online Highschool

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