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So I have this frozen beef...coulette steaks...

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They have been frozen for quite a while. I need to do something with it. I would like to do something in the crockpot.


Should I drown it in wine or something? What the heck do I do? All I ever do with steak is grill it. This stuff has been frozen too long to grill. I need to simmer it in something. I don't even know where to start.







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Dh would probably marinate in a bag or bowl (turning frequently) to coat small pieces of meat. Use a mix of soy sauce and italian dressing or soy with olive oil, some herbs, maybe a little garlic salt. Even a half hour does a lot. But an hour or two is better.


Saute in a grilling type pan -- heat the pan to high to start, lower heat to med (med-hi) add a little oil to pan to coat and quickly add meat. You'll want to cover with a splatter screen if you've got one. This should sear the meat, so that outside cooks and browns while inside stays juicy. It should cook pretty quickly. Turn all the pieces over to cook other side. Or, I have seen him just "tossing" meat in pan quickly for a few minutes.


Hope that works for you.

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