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Have any of you ever had a laptop computer to be accidentally dropped?

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My old one hit the floor many times.


You didn't say what broke on yours?


Mine generally "bounced" back. However, once it knocked an internal screw loose that caused my CD drive to stop working till I figured it out. I've never lost my drive from being dropped, but it did just quit working (we suspect overheating).

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I've dropped my iBook(mac) twice. Both times I was nursing the baby and water boiled over.:glare: I jumped up without thinking. Anyhow, the mac has a hard drive protection thing in case of dropping so it was fine. Does your laptop have something similar?


We only have Thinkpads and one macbook in our family and 3 of them have been dropped - none have had an issue. One had water spilled all over the keyboard (a SERIOUS amount of water) and is fine. some laptops are built to withstand being dropped, driven over (in a car), etc.

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My youngest has dropped the spare Compaq laptop no less than 3 times. She has some special issues so this was not on purpose, and it involved, tripping on cord, etc . The boxer has pushed it off the table twice...

So it still works but the hinges are broke, but they are ordered and will be replaced this week (ebay..$20 new hinges) I have no idea how it has survived so many unfortunate falls in its 4 year life, but it keeps going and going and going..

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