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Can I use honey to sweeten iced tea?

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I have a Mr. Coffee iced tea maker. I had been using sugar to sweeten it, but I want to get away from that. Tried Splenda. :ack2: I was just wondering if I can add honey to sweeten it? How much? Or is there something else that's easy to get at Ingles and not too expensive? TIA!

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I started using honey in my coffee 5 years ago and lost the rest of my baby weight. Local honey especially is great for you. I also use honey in my Wheat bread (when I make bread - tee hee)


Anyway, I drink my tea sugar free unless there's honey around. Once you make the switch, you won't go back. Everything else will be too sweet.



oh and ps- splenda is poison!:D

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it's best to stir in the honey while the water is still rilly, rilly hot.


For a gallon of tea, I boil, oh, a quart or a little less of water, let the tea bags steep for about 15 minutes, remove the bags, stir in the honey, add enough water to make a gallon.


I like clover honey, or any other *mild* light-colored honey, better than a dark topaz-colored honey. You really taste the honey, unlike when you use honey in baked goods, where you hardly taste the honey at all, so you want to use a mild one.

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