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Book-a-Week threads: Could we....

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Would anyone be willing to start posting a grade (as Susan does on her blog; I was going to suggest it here, then went to her blog and saw that she gave a grade to her first book) and maybe a short blurb about the book? Just a few lines giving us a general idea or even copy/paste the description from Amazon--or another site, citing the source, of course.


I just know that I'm going to be reading so many new titles in these threads that my TBR pile is going to get HUGE! It would be fun and helpful to know a little bit about what everyone else is reading and a grade or general thumbs up or down is great, as well.


Just a request for anyone who might want to do the same! :D

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I can come up with a rating system - whether it be grades, numbers or whatever and post it on the side bar of the blog so if readers want to give their books a grade, then we would have something consistent to go by.


Such as

A - loved it and couldn't put it down, would read again

b - loved it

c - liked it

d - okay

e - didn't like it

f - couldn't finish it.


just an idea - needs some refinement. Have been thinking of coming up with a rating system for a while. Any other suggestions

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