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Please share what independent enrichments and "fillers"


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That is such a good question! "Fillers" can be a lifesaver.


Fizzwizzle games and Brain Train from Grubby Games -- check out the free trial, esp as you didn't like Zoombinis -- any age for Fizzwizzle. Brain Train is timed -- I'd say 6 or 7 and up.


Crazy Machines software -- but may be best for 8 and up unless dc are mechanically minded


Draw Write Now


We love the Dandy Lion logic books, too.


Scholastic Success with Maps (a series) was so colorful and easy to use that my ds could do it all by himself. It is cheap too.


Scholastic Easy Make and Learn series -- though some parent input may be needed. Dover easy punch out projects -- lots of history and literature ones are available. But your money will gp further with the Scholastic books.


My ds at age 7 loved to xerox and comb bind things.


My kids at 7 needed a lot of attention (and still do at 8) -- one thing that helped was to have them at the same table, but put up a cardboard screen for each (three little panel -- like a small scale science project display board).

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BOOK BASKET with interesting free reading material (books and magazines)

- Your Big Backyard

- Ranger Rick

- Highlights

- Cricket

- Cobblestone

- God's World weekly current events for kids




- Reader Rabbit

- Cluefinders series

- I Love USA

- Oregon Trail

- Mathblasters or Mighty Math series

- Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego

- Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar



ART (lay out different art supplies each week and "have at it")

- clay

- construction paper, glitter glue and fancy scissors

- paint by number kit

- watercolors

- special markers and blank notecards -- 3-D paint markers; glitter markers; metallic

- little pom-poms, felt, pipe cleaners, and "roll-y" eyes to make creatures

- Sculpty clay (and paint for decorating after baking the projects)

- Sculpty eraser clay to make clay into creations for erasers to fit on the ends of pencils (make as gifts!)

- suncatcher kit

- notecards, stamps and inks (make thank you cards; or stationary set as a gift)

- paint a flowerpot, plant a marigold as a gramma gift




- Scholastic Magic School Bus website and online games

- Grammar Gorillas online games

- Math Cats website

- Starfall website

- Shepard Software online geography games




- Sonlight Discover and Do experiment DVD

- magnets set

- experiment with lots of clear plastic disposable cups and 3 big jugs of water with food coloring (one colored blue, one red, one yellow)

- science kit

- PBS Building Big website ideas; build tunnels, skyscrapers, etc.

- bubble experiments; or, plastic tub with water and bubbles with straws, rotary egg beater, whisk, sieve, turkey baster, etc.

- engineer a contraption out of your recycling materials; egg carton; cans; boxes; plus, add cups, straws, paper, scissors, masking tape, etc.

- TOPS Lentils unit for gr. 1-3 (science unit with activity cards for independent science learning)




- Critical Thinking Activities in Pattern, Image, Logic (gr. 1-3) by Seymour

- Logic Safari (book 1 = gr. 2-3)

- Lollipop Logic (gr. K-2)

- Primarily Logic (gr. 2-4)

- Connections series (by grade level)

- Gifted and Talented series by Amerikander or others

- maze books from Teacher Created Materials

- Puzzlemania series

- Hidden Picture Puzzle books

- print off free online beginner puzzles: Sudoku, crosswords, codes, word searches




- my boys loved just experimenting and playing around with fraction circles/bars, multi-link cubes, math rods, pattern blocks, geoboards, dice, dominoes, etc.

- geoboards (all time favorite manipulative)

- tangrams and book

- pattern blocks and Patternables book

- cuisenaire rods and Picture Puzzles book

- Math Discoveries with... booklet and matching manipulative




- draw giant artwork with sidewalk chalk outside

- a treasure hunt you set up in advance going from clue to clue

- Dover sticker books

- Dover stained glass coloring books and markers

- paint with water -- paint can and brush and go outside and "paint" the house, back wall, swingset, etc.

- Where's Waldo or Search and Find type of books

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Some things my 12 yo dd does are:


Create artwork using the materials in our art cart

Crochet - uses library books for ideas, makes up own patterns

Make cards for birthdays

Free reading

listen to audiobooks

listen to Christian music

jewelry making - uses library books for ideas

drawing, cartooning - uses library books

invents things


My suggestion would be to get at least 2 art, 2 craft, and 2 science books at every library visit. Then stock up on materials and have them accessible.



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David Attenborough's "serious" series (Life of Birds, e.g.)

You Wouldn't Want to Be... series.

The Time Traveler's series.


A spectacular marble run that can be set up endless ways (although not all the ways work :001_smile:)


A journal with a space to draw above and a place to write a sentence or two below.

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When I need quiet to finish work or to occupy the kids until I can cycle back to them, I have a box of assorted art supplies including air drying clay and pipe cleaners. They will also stay occupied with their Schleichs or a hand-craft (the youngest is learning spool knitting and the older is learning to crochet). The older is much easier to occupy, but making something or doing something keeps the younger busy when I need time.

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