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1/14, Wednesday exercisers

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Good morning ladies!


Pool day for me. I got my own lane!! Dh shared his towards the end, but I didn't have to share. Then dh went futher today than he has been, so he moved over to mine when I left. I went a mile, but he went 1.25. (He's doing a 1/2 ironman in May so he needs to increase his swim distance. The swim in the race is 1.2 miles.)


Time Taken: 00:37:36

Total Distance: 1.00 mi.

Laps: 36

Burned: 263 (kcal)

Laps: 36

Pace: 37:36 (avg)

Speed: 1.6 (mi/hr) (avg)

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:crying: :crying: :crying: :banghead:


After taking yesterday off for my first rest day in forever, I decided to go back to week 5 of C26K as it seems my injury must be healed by now. I was on the 3rd 5 minute run after a long 26 minute 14.5 min/mile walking warmup and my muscle tore AFREAKINGAIN. I'm so upset! I was able to walk afterwards and realize I must have torn it much worse the first time - the first time must have been a grade 2 as this is definitely a tear (blood pooling on top of my calf muscle) but so much easier than the first one.


So boohoohoo, too soon I guess. I was doing the rehab and stretching and thought I was doing everything right - it had been 2.5 weeks since the injury and now I'm back to hobbling. Sigh. I'm DEFINITELY taking a month off running and only walking but I have to tell you, the running today was so incredibly lovely - I felt so good and strong and wonderful.


Sigh. So, I got over 4 miles in today but the last half mile was a real PITA. RICEing the leg and hoping I'll be able to walk the day after tomorrow. Boohoohoo afreakingain.

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Nothing worse than trying to rehab a torn muscle.

I was just lurking to see how everyone was doing and had to send my sympathy to you.

I haven't worked out in sooo long. JUST now getting over a nasty 10 week cough. I am going to try to get back to it this weekend. One way or another, I NEED my endorphines:lol:


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