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Help sending a care package to student in Japan

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I am going to send a care package to my ds tomorrow - hopefully. Does anybody know of things I can't mail to him besides things like medications that he couldn't have taken with him? Can I send him beef jerky? The boy hasn't found any meat he can afford on his self-imposed budget. How about peanut butter? So far he is living off of rice, eggs, and fruit he is preparing himself plus miso ramen at the local ramen bar.


And recommendations on what else to send and how to send it?


And other than me worrying about his health - he is doing terrific and loves Tokyo.

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Our AFS student from Japan returned home to Japan in July and we mailed some of his things back, and have sent a few care packages since then.


Don't tape your box shut before you go to the PO. You'll need to complete a customs form detailing all of its contents. We've certainly mailed plenty of food-no problem. They ask the same questions as when you mail a box domestically-anything liquid, fragile, hazardous or perishable?

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shipping is so expensive that I would consider just sending him the money. But I understand that you want to bless him with something tangible. If he's a coffee drinker, you might send some. It was so ridiculously expensive when I was there.


I don't know what the prohibited items are, but I craved peanut butter and good, whole-wheat bread when I was there. Beef jerky? Not so much, but they do have really fabulous squid jerky in Japan.

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