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17yodd update

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Well, major decision-making has taken place. Dd's real dad (who, admittedly, has not been much of one) called and he does not feel we should let her go. He suggested I call the police about it again and be sure of what the deal is.


I called and they said that at 17, she is still considered under my authority and I can report her missing and the cops would pick her up in LA.


Armed with that, I have decided to pick her up and bring her home. I will allow her no access to a phone or computer to make "plans." We will work on finishing her education and if, at 18, she is hell-bent on going, I will have to accept that. Right now I can not let her be prey to the scum on the streets (and I KNOW people like that LOOK for girls like her). I just don't think I could live with myself.


I wanted to let all of you that have supported me in this know what I had decided, and why.


Now let's pray for her change of heart!!

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Thought about you and your daughter today. I am glad to see this thread.


I know it will be hard, but try to remember your other children. Sometimes I got lost in the shuffle when my sister spent a few years giving my parents grief. Of course, I then had my turn as the grief giver. :001_huh:



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I know this situation is difficult in ways that I cannot appreciate, but I really am glad that she is not out roaming the streets. I once had a very brief encounter with an organization that helps homeless runaway kids in Los Angeles, and it scared me (I should note that the young men involved, who were advanced in the program, were not scary at all). You might want to reach out to organizations such as Children of the Night and Covenant House, for a different perspective and help from that angle.

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The police had told me that if she asked to come home, I couldn't refuse her at 17.


When I was almost at my friend's to pick her up, I got a text. I didn't read it because I was on the phone with my other dd - in fact, didn't even know it was from her.


When I walked in to get her, she kinda smiled at me. She asked if I got her text. I told her no. She told me that she had asked if she could come home "until she left" (for cali). I told her I wanted her home, but there was going to be a little problem with her leaving. I told her that she was considered my responsibility until she was 18, and that she couldn't go - if she does I can have her brought back. She then told me that she had decided she wasn't going anyway. WHEW!!


My husband told me to be calm and gentle with her, so I'm going to take this a little slow and not make super-drastic changes today. I am waiting on the call from a highly recommended counselor. At that time, I will gently make her go with me to talk to the lady. Until then, I'm just going to try and keep encouraging her to continue on with her GED, and keep up with her working (she really enjoys her job). Of course, there will be other limits imposed at home.


Anyway, I really appreciate all the prayers and would appreciate it if you'd keep 'em coming. Getting her heart to change is going to be REALLY critical here I think.


At least for now, I feel (somewhat) at peace.

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Stacey, I'm so glad. I totally understood your decision to let her make her own choices, but I'm glad you have parental recourse to keep her home, at least for now.


Maybe you could slip her meds (if she gets them) into her coffee, like Wilson did to House? :) (That thought came to my mind - the scene made me smile. I do not mean to imply that I take your situation lightly.)

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that I should slip them in her food. I want to be sure, first, that a counselor/doctor would feel that the meds would be in her best interest. I don't take the choice to use meds lightly. We are very anti-medication around here. I just feel they would really benefit her for a time.


She's at work today, and seemingly doing okay. I'm going to keep praying for a work in her. She's really a soft-hearted, decent kid. I know she's going through a rough time.

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