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Prima Latina after Song School Latin?


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I'd like to change our hs to a more LCC approach. Currently, my ds 9 (3rd Grade) is studying Latin using Song School Latin. He really loves Latin and would like to continue with his studies. What program would you use? Latina Christiana is for 4th Grade and up. However, with Song School Latin ds has no exposure to any formal Latin grammar, declensions, etc. Is it o.k. to start with Prima Latina (going faster than normal) and than continue with Latina Christiana I? I just don't want ds to be overwhelmed with Latin grammar. I don't want to kill his love for this language with chosing a wrong Latin program. :confused: As of right now, he wants to go ALL the way with Latin. And as a Mom, I want a Latin Program that incorporates English Grammar as well, so we can drop our formal Grammar studies. Any ideas? Inputs? :glare: (BTW - I am waiting for my copy of Latin Centered Curriculum 2nd Edition. I am sooo excited!)






Homeschooling JUST ONE - ds 9

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ooops, sorry... I'd like to amend the above statement.:blushing:


At 9 I don't think your son would have any problem with LC 1. My 9 year old is doing it for the first time this year. We use the DVD's. They copy the lesson for two days and study their cards, do the workbook pages, the quiz, and then move on. They are on lesson 14 without any trouble at all.

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LC I is actually designated for grades 3-6; there is a year overlap with PL.


My 8 yr old 3rd grader is doing LC II with few problems (she's a tag along with big sis). She's nailing the vocab and form recitations. Her biggest frustrations are the amount of writing, so we do some things orally, and not going at the same pace as her 5th grade sis. When I read the teacher's guidelines more thoroughly, and found that helping youngers through the translations was expected, I realized she was doing quite well in that area, too.


I think most 3rd graders would do fine with LCI. As far as keeping it engaging, LC is fairly dry as presented, but it's easy enough to add a bit of fun. We play Bingo, do 'quiz shows,' and silly things like 'sit when I say a verb, stand when I say a noun.' Oh, their new favorite is reverse charades; I call out a word in Latin, and they have to act it out in some way. We don't do tests.


Next year, they will have separate programs, to give the oldest the chance to move at her pace and the youngest a chance to shine. We'll still do vocab and recitations together.

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