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Another reason why I hate going to the doctor...

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(No offense to those on the board who are doctors. I am sure you are very good and competent at what you do.)


I got a call today from pediatrician's office. They think my kid's shots records are all messed up. They have some of the same dates for both kids. They think that the kids' old dr. in other state must have messed up the records before this office got them.:confused: We have been going to this dr. for 5 years!! Thank goodness we haven't had many shots since we've been there. Also, my 16 year old pointed out that some of the dates should be the same since they often went to the dr. together and got shots at the same time for certain things. They want me to call with my records to work things out Like I am going to be more accurate than them. Oh wait, I guess I will be.


And while I'm venting, I basically got fired from my gp's office. I went to my yearly gyno visit and they sent my results to my gp. The office called with this message..We are so confused, we got some tests from your gyno and aren't sure if you are a patient? Do you still come here? We haven't seen you for a while? Please call us and let us know what to do with your records, we are so confused...:mad: Couldn't they just be normal and call to remind me to make an appointment. I am pretty sure it was less than 2 years. I sometimes lose track of time. But aparently I am supppose to keep track of my gp's visits and keep the vaccine record up to date all at the same time!:lol:

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Excuse me for being amuzed, but I find this kind of humorous because as a college health nurse the given rule is to not accept immunization records documented by parents/students. The documents have to be from the doctor's office. Sorry you're having so much trouble with doctors' offices.

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Well, my dd and I did find it kind of funny. The crazy thing is every time I call to schedule an appointment for anything they proceed to look up my records and tell me which shots my dc's should have or are due for. Now they have them all wrong? The other strange thing is that I got much better care when we lived in a really small town. Now we live in a larger city with an elderly population and a highly respected health care system. I just don't get it.

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