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So, what's your weather today? We have cloudy and -22 with windchills in the -40's.

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Today was absolutely frigid. We got up to 86F for a moment and spent the rest of the day just below 80F. We were bundled up all day and pulled the socks out of storage. Brrrrr!!!! It has been in the mid-90's (mid 30C) for the past couple weeks, so this is a particularly bad norte blowing through.

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All I can say is that I can't imagine living in a place where it is like this all the time. I give you all so much credit! How do you stand it. We've had a very snowy winter. We were only supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow overnight. My dh just shoveled 8 inches. We were hoping they would cancel school at the high school where dd attends-no such luck. This afternoon the wind is supposed to pick up and the temperature is supposed to drop. Dh dropped dd off at school just before 8:00 and we received a call from the school at 10:45 saying that we were allowed to pick up our students before the weather got worse. (Why didn't they just close the school to start with).


So tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night we are supposed to stay below zero with windchills at least 35 below. For some reason our temps are usually 10 degrees cooler than it is in the rest of the area. Last night most areas were in the single digits by 7:00. We were already nine below with a windchill of 29 below. If they are already predicting windchills of 35 below I bet we'll end up with windchills closer to 40 below or worse. I can't imagine. I just hope our electricity stays on because we don't have a fireplace. At least we have tons of blankets.

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