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Merchant of Venice?

Mama Lynx

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I'd like to find a movie of Merchant of Venice to show to my nearly 13 year old son, as recommended at this point in Diogenes Maxim.


Does anyone have recommendations? I don't mind a little nudity - for instance, I have no problem with him watching Branagh's Much Ado. But the reviews at Netflix about Pacino's Merchant leave me a little concerned.



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I own the Pacino version and it is excellent. Yes, female nudity is throughout so ds 13 has not watched. Dd 11 loved it!


Unfortunately it does not follow the text of Shakespeare's original. We had our book out reading along but it really skips around.


Pacino as Shylock is amazing!! "Hath Jews no....?"


Jackie, I will also put the version you mention in my Netflix queue. Thanks for the tip!

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