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Ahhhh! My dc just lost all of their school work for this year.

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Dd5 was on her way down the stairs to tell me she wasn't feeling good - we have open stairs, more like a ladder - when she threw up everywhere. Our school bookshelves are under the stairs so she was literally a few inches from the shelves. I've never seen anything like it. The entire living room was covered - but the bookshelves got the brunt of it. All of the children's work folders were on top of the bookshelves and are just ruined. I also tossed several hundred dollars worth of books and curriculum. I've scrubbed the couch, the carpet and started the first of several loads of laundry (she also managed to hit the coat rack with about ten jackets hanging on it.)


Dd 5 is crying because she is sick and because I had to throw out Hooked on Phonics -her favorite. Dd 9 is crying because so much of her work has been ruined. She is the author and artist in the family. She really did put a lot of work into her assignments. Dd 11 is upset because she has been sick for a couple of days and feels she passed the virus to her sister who in turn ruined all of the school books. And my husband and son have managed to sleep blissfully through the whole mess, vacuuming and all.


We have our first house showing in three months, some time this week. The realtor couldn't be more specific when he called over the weekend. What are the chances it's tomorrow!?? :tongue_smilie:


I'm most concerned about the kids' school work. They all worked hard this year and are crushed. I set all the folders outside to dry. I'm hoping to at least salvage a page here and there. And I'm not even going to think about the money lost in ruined books and curriculum. :glare:

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:grouphug: You are an Awesome mom and wife. Consoling all these sweet sick children, cleaning and al the while not waking up your husband. I will pray for protection and complete resotation of health for your family. And rest for you.

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Thanks for all of the well wishes and prayers.


I just had to add, I am up at 4:00 am because ds 3 came into my room an hour ago and threw up on my head!!! The poor boy starts crying and I couldn't help but laugh. :willy_nilly:


Now, we are both showered, the sheets are in the wash and ds3 and dd5 are with me in the living room watching a movie. I'm going to count this as the end of yesterday and hope things WILL get better (later) in the morning.


(I took a second look at the curriculum - definitely NOT salvageable.)

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