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We have a house full of girls...

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I hope you have a BIG house! That kind of crowd would probably kill my nerves-I wish I was the type that could do that! You go, girl! Have fun!


Oh, yeah, it is a big house :-)


Happily, I don't have to feed them. They'll be gone in the morning by 7:30, and won't be home each evening until 9 or later. And there will be different girls next week. Apparently, one week is speech, one week is debate; some stay for one or t'other, some stay for both. (There are boys, too, but they're in different homes.) So I'll get to enjoy them for just a little bit each day. Mr. Ellie goes to bed at 10 :glare: so the "house mom" settled the girls down. They're pretty quiet up there now.

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