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X-Post on Curriculum Board:Thoughts on continuing with formal grammar past 8th grade?

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Or, past today, even? :)


Dd is 13 1/2 (8th gr), and I'm wondering just how necessary it is to continue with formal grammar, at least past this year. We have a full language arts curriculum: Rod & Staff English 8, Vocab from Classical Roots, IEW for writing, and Henle Latin 1.


Our days are pretty long (which I may post about later once I refine my question!) and, looking at her lesson today, I'm wondering how truly necessary it is to be able to label a verb as "transitive" or "intransitive complete".


It seems as if I'm able to work grammar into at least Latin and Writing. I'm not trying to reduce workload, but I definitely don't want to "overteach", if you know what I mean.


Any thoughts? Thanks, everyone - I appreciate your input very much, and I'm gaining so much, already, by reading the threads on this board.

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dropping the formal grammar after 8th grade.


Using Henle requires an active knowledge of grammar, and I'm finding that it's all my 7th grader needs.


My 12th grader didn't study formal grammar in high school (after a good background in middle school) and has done fine on his high school assignments and standardized tests.




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