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Congratulations!!!! :party: By the way, I will be happy when I reach 50 posts. I have learned so much from you who have so much more useful things to post about. Thank you!


I'm also working my way steadily toward the goal of 50 posts. I'll often read some great threads, but feel I have nothing of note to offer, so I don't post a reply just for the sake of logging in one more post.


I do really enjoy reading what everyone has to say -- it's amazing how one person's viewpoint on a topic can open up a whole new way of thinking for the rest of us!


Lynda (datmama4)

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I'm happy I'm almost to 500. Something special happens? I really like those guys on yours, Starr. And, Heather, I always like your posts...and I'm glad that your family is safe. I was just thinking about how you're doing the other day....are you having issues from being slammed into, still??



No, just a couple of days of soreness but I'm good now. Of course our van is STILL in the shop (9 days and counting) getting the $4000 of damage fixed but we have a rental car so it's all good. :D

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