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Tess & putting things in perspective....

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Anyone catch Masterpiece Theater last night? Tess of the D'Urbevilles. It was really good, I can't remember the book well enough to compare it to the film (ie, how close it followed the book), but I enjoyed it. Well, I should really say I sobbed through it. It is a sad story, but hauntingly well told.


I have been swirling my feet in the "woe is me" pool for a while now, feeling lots of pressure from all sides, as many here also feel, gathering from a number of recent posts. Tess left me with a better perspective - I have a husband/protector, and though it's cold, I don't have to dig potatoes all winter. We live in an era with unparalleled rights for the female gender.... well, can you tell it's given me a lot to think about? I am still snowed under with responsibilities, but bearing it with a more thankful heart today.


Anyone else catch it?

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DH and I caught it - shouldn't have since it meant we stayed up waaaay too late, but we did it, anyway. I found myself crying, too. I am so grateful that my family has a roof over our heads and that we don't have to wander from town to town looking for work and hoping to find someplace warm to spend the night with our little ones.

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I saw it. I kept thinking, "Ok, so this is what they mean by gothic novel..." all dark and gloomy looking with only tragic themes....I thought it was well done, if a bit vague in part. I thought it would make for a good discussion re. honesty in relationships, double-standards then and now, and one's ability to take care of oneself despite life's sometimes unfair turns. It certainly gave one perspective regarding suffering...and makes one count one's blessings. Strangely, perversely, it reconfirmed for the me that I want to raise a child who, like Tess, will work hard to make life work despite tragedy, and all the while holding her head high....I might have placed the role of prayer and faith in a good and loving God a bit more clearly in the story...

I love these Sunday night Masterpiece theater offerings. And wish to read the books now, whereas I never really cared for such books before.

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