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I feel like I'm going insane!!!

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We have been cooped up here together forever!! Between the weather (which, by the way, is supposed to get to 15 below this week!:eek:) and sickness, I think we are all getting on each other's last nerve!!!


No one can even look at someone here without it being taken the wrong way. Sigh.


I feel like I need Mike, and it's not even noon yet. Can anyone relate, or is it just us?

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Oh how I remember my Minnesota winter days!


It's time for radical measures. Do something completely out of character. Bubble baths, Rice or Cornmeal box, Inside marching band....


Do it. It will wreck your plan for the day, but is your plan going all that great with everyone's mood anyway?


Then you could always send everyone to their own happy corner of the house. ;)

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LOL, my oldest son is in Milwaukee right now, and I wanted to check the weather. I couldn't believe it was supposed to be 50s all week!


Then I realized I was looking at Milwaukee, NC!!!!!!




Sorry you are cooped up - we are like that in the summer time! Too hot to go out.

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