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Have you heard of Braintastic Reading Success?

Amber in AUS

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We purchased a great math computer program for my DD which she is loving. I went to their website to checkout what other programs they have and came across this.




It sounds like the perfect phonics based reading program. I would only be looking to use it as a supplement as i am with the math one we already have.


I can't seem to find any reviews anywhere. Has anyone heard of it? I am downloading the demo to try to see if it is something we would use. It seems very pricey tho. Works out to $300 for all 6 levels.


We have been using Reading Eggs as a supplement but i don't like the way they bring in sight words and don't explain or encourage the kids to sound out the words. OK for DD because she already knows how to sound out, but DS is watching and picking up some sight words, grrr. I'd like something for her to play that wont be to his detriment IYKWIM.


Reading Eggs is $100 a year and with 3 kids at 2 years each that would be $600 so on that basis if this program is good/better i would go for it i think. I CD at a time wont break the bank, unless i can get a discount to get them all at once. They do have a 30 day money back guarantee.


Hmm, rambling now. Feedback anyone????

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I can't speak for the activities, but it is based on the best available information on what works for most kids. The makers have a clear understanding of the composition of the English alphabetic code.


I wasn't so impressed with the pre-reading activities (sneaking some sight words in there), but perhaps the later levels are better.


If you do decide to purchase it, let us know how it goes.



Reading Program Junkie

dd(10) dd(6) ds(4) ds(1)

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