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Does anyone know of a movie about the Irish potato famine? Thanks!

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have you ever read "Trinity" by Leon Uris? This is a story of life in Ireland during the Potato Famine, I read it maybe 25 yrs ago, and I can remember it like I read it yesterday. Uris spends years researching the history and culture of his novel settings, so by the time he writes, he knows what he's talking about. Maybe not appropriate for a young person (it does have over 700 pages, so probably not appealing), but a phenomenal read. Members of my family came to Canada from Ireland as a result of the potato famine, so when I read it, I shed many a tear.

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"Days of Hunger" is a documentary - I found it by looking up "Irish Potato Famine" on Wikepedia, then scrolling to the bottom references to see if there were any movies. I found the movie under "External Links."


At the website listed above, scroll down to the bottom of page to see three segments of the film which last about 3 minutes each. This company also has clips available from all it's Irish History DVD's.

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Guest Starchild

An excellent 1995 BBC miniseries about one family, and one community in Ireland during the historic potato famine. Depressing, but as usual with the BBC, very accurate. I got it from the public library.

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