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Apologia Biology


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Apologia Biology text + answer book

companion cd-rom (not real important, but just a nice extra)

audio cd (dd has learned to take notes from lectures by using the audio cds)

SL's microscopy kit (prepared slides + a few extras)

SL's microscope


I wish we could have bought SL's science kit & dissection kit for Apologia Biology, but as we live in New Zealand, they could not send it here. I have the SL schedule for Apologia Biology, but both dd & I prefer the free schedule available on Donna Young's website.



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Sonlight has a schedule for Apologia Biology that spreads it out over 36 school weeks. They also sell science kits to go with Apologia. There are two. One is microscopy (first semester) and the other (second semester) is primarily dissection "stuff." I ordered them separately b/c I didn't want those critters hanging around any longer than necessary, kwim? The kits have all the "science-y" stuff you need, but not common household items. However, the schedule that Sonlight sells lists the more common items you need for the current week and the upcoming week. It makes planning quite easy. You can also buy kits from Home Training Tools, but I thought that it would be easier to use the Sonlight kit since we were using the Sonlight schedule.



PS. We also bought our microscope from SL, but we did upgrade to the binocular model.

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