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Metal taste in mouth...when do I need to worry?

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Ha, the first thing I thought of was pregnancy too.


It's a very simplistic answer, but have you changed your lip balm/stick lately? I spent a few days trying to figure out what an awful taste was in my mouth a few years ago, and it turned out it was DH's Chapstick, which I had borrowed once or twice--easily forgotten. It tasted kind of sweet when I put it on, but after awhile on the lips, it started to taste awful.


Or could there be a change in your water? Toothpaste? Something you ate? Do you need to drink more water?

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I am. I take a multivitamin...but, I'm wondering if I've had too much iron with the vitamin and anything I've eaten over the last few days. ??


I also have been taking an Estrogen pill over the last 3 months because my cycles have been off. I'm thinking this may be hormonal.




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