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Singapore math question - decimals and division


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We're using the U.S. edition, and either I'm missing something or this series never covers long division with decimals. My ds is in 5b now, and they have division by 10's, 100's, and 1000's. I've looked at the contents for 6a and 6b and they don't seem to cover division either.


Am I missing something? Is it there somewhere? Why wouldn't they cover it?


We're actually also using Life of Fred (decimals & percents), so he'll get exposed to it there. I'm just puzzled.

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In the 3rd edition, what I use, I found division decimals up to 2 decimal places and 1-digit whole numbers in level 4B and then in 5B there is Multiplication and division of decimals up to 3 decimal places. HTH's


I have the US Edition.


In 4B check out exercises 34-38 they all directly deal with division of numbers with 1-2 decimal points.


I don't have 5B though.



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