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Fitness question about rotating my DVD collection:

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I've become a DVD junkie. At present I have over 20 workout DVDs and I really want to incorporate all of them! (Is this the same as having too much curricula on your shelves?!) I have some low impact aerobic workouts, some aerobic dance, a couple of hula, a few barre/ballet, Pilates, a few toning, a couple of athletic stretch, and T-Tapp.


I am a BEGINNER with 2 left feet. I WANT to be able to do all of these, but sometimes I only do the first segment (20-30 minutes) of a DVD. I guess the longest ones are about an hour.


I guess it's crazy to have so many when I'm not athletic at all. I just picked some that looked like fun or that had great reviews. (Isn't Amazon great about making suggestions!:glare:)


How do you decide what to do on a given day? Just grab something? Put them in an alternating order (stretch, aerobic, toning, stretch, aerobic . . .)?


Am I going to see any progress if I jump around from style to style, or should I stick with something specific to measure my progress and THEN add after I've mastered something?



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I have read that after 3 weeks of something, you should change your routine in order to keep burning calories at a good rate. Apparently, your muscles get into a rut. It is good to use different ones now and then.


That said, I would switch them up every few weeks, starting with easier ones and working toward harder ones.


I'd love to have T-Tapp! I hear it is good. :o)

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