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Which Latin before Henle?

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The group I'm in does Henle Latin, after a few years of something else. In your opinion, which Latin is easiest to use at home or at co-op and then slip right into Henle. Please, if you know, include whether it uses Ecclesiastical Latin, Classical Latin pronunciation or both.

Also, if there are cds to use, that's great! Dvds might be even better. I'd like something that can be used at home or in a group. I'm also interested in how many words you end up knowing and how difficult the set up of the program is.....



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Latina Christiana was written to lead right into Henle. It uses ecclesiastical pronunciation, a limited vocabulary (so you can focus on learning grammar forms), and there are DVDs.


I'm pretty sure Lively Latin also leads to Henle. It's much more writing intensive than LC and integrates English grammar and Roman history, plus some character and picture studies.


Both are appropriate for middle elementary (grades 3-6 or thereabouts).



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My understanding also.

My understanding is that Henle was written with a "limited vocabulary" too though. It's one of the positive aspects of choosing Henle for Latin curriculum...which is why I never understood omitting English vocabulary when studying LC or Henle for Latin :confused:


But, yes, LC1 and LC2 are in fact the early pages of Henle, so it's a natural lead-in there.



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