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Did you gain weight on...

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If anything, you should lose weight on meds for hypothyroid. Are you having issues? I can't speak to my particular circumstances...I first went on synthroid in 1985...my weight went down marginally but I wasn't particularly overweight at the time. I have noticed that the few times my doc reduced my dose of synthroid, my weight has gone up and I have lobbied (successfully) for the dose to be upped.


Don't know if this is what you are looking for.



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When my meds are properly adjusted, it makes it easier for me to lose weight. Too low a dose and I will gain for sure. Too high a dose and I might be hungrier, but less likely to gain. Too high a dose usually also gives me a headache and makes me tremendously irritable.




For me, weight gain is one of the signs that my dose is too low.

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Yup. And I can't get my doctor to prescribe a stronger dose as I appear to be in the "normal" range on the blood work. I'm looking for a new doctor.:glare:

I did that a couple of years ago. I ended up with a really good doctor who put me on a natural( not synthetic), thyroid medicine and kept checkng my basal body temp to see if it was doing the job. I find when my TSH test comes in at around a 2, I feel good and do not gain weight...anything above that, I gain weight and want to take naps all the time!

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I'm taking Armour, but apparently just not the right dosage.


When I'm off (a couple of times I waited until the last minute to get the refill, and the pharmacy was out. Ugh.) I have trouble sleeping, rather than sleeping all the time. Weird, eh?


Maybe I'll keep a record of my basal temp for a few days.

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