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what do you charge/ask for; used curriculum

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I have been homeschooling long enough to now have some materials to sell!! Yippie! So, my question is how much do you ask for? Is there a certain percent of the original price based on condition? Any guideslines? I want to be fair, creating a win win. (I have sold on ebay before, so have some buying and selling experience, but selling here or selling to other homeschoolers feels more personal if you kwim)

Thanks in advance.

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I look at other used sources (ebay, homeschool classifieds, here, etc.) and figure an average. I try to not overprice it. Most of the time, I'd rather sell it than make a large part of my money back. I am a used shopper and want to find good deals, so I want to show others that courtesy.


If you want to make more, I think prices are higher in late Spring and Summer. People are doing more shopping then. For example, last fall I bought Bob Jones 2nd Grade Reading program (except the consumable workbook) for $24 including shipping. The program goes for about $150. I would have never paid that little a different time of year. I didn't even need to books yet, but I couldn't pass up that deal since I knew I would use it eventually.

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For brand new, about 1/2 of new, but from there it depends on what they're going for on Amazon and the swap boards. Frankly at a certain point I use http://www.paperbackswap.com because it's not worth it to me to pack something and ship it and come out with $1 or so.


I've had a tougher time selling in the last six months, things choked when gas prices went up and really haven't recovered. I sold one homeschool book in December, and haven't sold any homeschool books this month at all. My college texts are moving thankfully, but that will trickle to nothing in a few weeks.

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