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Intestinal parasites in a child...

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Sorry to ask for help on this gross topic, but I am desperate for more information.


My dd is complaining about a wiggling feeling at night inside her bottom. It has been off and on for a week. She has many aliments at night so at first I disregarded what she was telling me. However, after googling parasites and worms I think she might have threadworms. At this point she has none of the other symptoms, (diarrhea, vomiting, dark circles under the eyes, anemia, bad breath and constipation), just the wiggling feeling at night.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of them using an over the counter product?? Do I need to rush her to the doctor on Monday?


This morning we tried some of the home remedies suggested on the internet, (papaya juice, garlic and cumin water), but I am wondering if there is any other tried and true treatments.


Thanks and sorry to gross you out. One of the website showed pics and I almost barfed. Yuck!

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You need to make sure they are actually there before you give her medicine. My best friend's dd had pinworms and she was itching something awful. If you go in at night, with a flashlight, after she has been asleep, and check her bottom, you can actually see the worms. Once you see them, just call your pediatrician and they will prescribe something...probably for the whole family to take because they are contagious. Mostly it would be contagious to anyone that sleeps near your dd or in the same room as her.


They are gross, but not really a big deal. Lots of kids get them. There is no need to rush to the dr. You can see them yourself if they are there.

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