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I'm currently working through IEW TWSS/SWI-B with my two boys. I followed the directions on the IEW website and 'shot for the middle' in choosing Level B! We should complete the program by the end of this school year.


Now I'm wondering where to go from here!


I'm planning on using SWIC-B for my youngest son, who'll be in 5th grade next year (he's working on a 6th grade level, academically). So that's fine!


My oldest son, however, will be in 10th grade. He has special needs and language arts is his weak area, but he's continually improving! Could I also use SWIC-B for him? Or should I purchase the SWIC-C for him? Can I do the Level C continuation course if I've used Level B for the 'regular course'? Or should I purchase the High School Essay Intensive or the Elegant Essay for him to use next year instead of one of the continuation courses? Or would it be better to just buy SWI-Level C for him?


I definitely want him to be able to write a college-level essay, as he's planning on attending college within the next few years (most likely at the community college level).


Thanks in advance!!

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I think you've listed good options. You could do SWI B with him and just go quickly through the areas that he has mastered. Pudewa says, "Don't get stuck on what you know."

Or you could go to SWI-C. They cover alll 9 units again. Or, you could go to Cont Course C as well.

I would suggest going to the Elegant Essay. You are going to get reinforcement for the units and he will learn what an essay is and how to get over essay anxiety :). It's straightforward and inexpensive. It will give you a good idea of what areas he still needs to master. It covers a lot for not that much money.

The H.S. Essay intensive is a test prep course and essay writing skills for the tests. It is awesome, too.

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Once you do any level of SWI the program recommends you move on to an SICC. You have already done SWI B, move to SICC B for your younger son and SICC C for your older if you want him to get the entire program. If you only want essay instruction then just do that.

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