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We adopted a Ragdoll cat

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After almost 2 month, we adopted a Ragdoll cat.


She was surrenered, then pulled from a kill shelter by her foster mom. The foster mom posted this cat for adoption, to which I replied. We were chosen to adopt this pretty 1 1/2 year old, female Ragdoll cat.


The foster mom has a friend who is a flight attendent (they both work at their local shelter) and this friend offered to fly our cat....all of this at no expense to us! We picked her up at our airport yesterday, Friday morning.


We did donate a small bit of money to be used as they see fit. This would have normally cost hundreds of dollars, but these women are huge animal lovers and truly working on their behalf. Matching dogs/cats with forever families.


She is a blessing...eventhough she is a little fiesty right now.


Just wanted to share that!!!

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I'm so happy for you! That sounds like a wonderful organization. Foster groups are so dedicated and work hard to place pets with the right families. I admire them so much.


Congratulations on your new kitty. Please post photos soon! I don't think I know what a ragdoll cat looks like and well, I'm as curious as a cat myself to find out!

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Congrats on the new furry baby. We have 2 ragdoll girls. They are a year and a half and both are around 15 pounds and growing. They are a lot of fun. They act more like dogs than cats. They greet us at the door upon coming home, and follow us from room to room. When we do school one is in an empty chair and the other on the table hanging out with us. I am sure you will enjoy your ragdoll a lot. We cannot imagine life without them :001_smile:

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