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K12 International Academy Update

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Well we have almost made it throught the first semester. DD is thriving, she is getting straight A's. She loves all her teachers and they are very attentive, if there is a question, they are there to answer.


She has even started their newspaper, and she is columnist in it. Sorry, about lil brag.


The only issue, she loves it and it is soooo expensive. I thought I might find something wrong w/it. But no. Its like driving a Mercedes, but not being able to afford it.


We have just coughed up second sem. and it was a hard pill to swallow, since I did not figure it in after Christmas. MY fear is second dd is coming up the ranks in fall. I cannot afford another 6000, I dont know what to do?


Fortunately oldest only has 1 and a half more yrs. I think younger might have to go somewhere else. I hope she doesnt feel bad because different school. Or maybe they will each feel special.


That reminds me when I was in one school on a transfer and I could stay because I kept up my grades, but my sis had to go to the kaka school. I think she felt bad.


Any thoughts?

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There are many quality online courses, not all are accredited though (not sure if that matters to you) that are much less expensive than that and that have wonderful, passionate teachers and are extremely challenging. Look at Potter's School, Veritas Press online academy, Regina Coeli Academy, Pennsylvannia Homeschoolers and Scholars Online.


We did a yr of K12 (in middle school) and I can say that Scholars Online (although we have a major delay of grading in science) & Potters School are far more interesting content wise and more challenging too.

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Thanks Michelle, if you dont mind me asking which are you using and what are your favs.


I want something accredited and diploma bound. But, not something that asks for your first borns blood type. Some of these get bogged down w/paperwork.


I am the pay and enter kind of gals. Dont like to do all the paperwork and jump through hoops. Which is the most paper friendly?


I looked at Regina coeli and potters and I like the courses offered at Regina they look interesting , I have to check out the other two .


You are right, original K12 is not challenging, but the INt is a whole other ballgame.


If I can get a good school for half the price, I think I might do that.

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My dd uses Scholars Online for Biology, I'd recommend pm'ing me if you're interested in science there as there are some quirks that may bother some. The quality of education in this class is great though. The teacher is very well qualified, teaches well IMO.


We use Potter's School for Computer Assisted Design. No complaints at all about this and would highly recommend it.


I've heard nothing but good things about Pennsylvania Homeschoolers, but that's all AP classes.


None of these are accredited though, they do complete all the grading for you.


Keystone is accredited I believe, but I have no experience with them.

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Hmm, do you worry about them not being accredited. Will that affect where your dc go?


Not getting a diploma, transcript or accreditation always concern me? Like there will be a guy w/ a big reject stamp at the front of every University.


We did Keystone last yr. NO teacher involvement and due dates too lax.

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I would call a few colleges your dd may be interested in attending and see what there policy is. The ones we've looked at require a transcript, ACT or SAT score and the more elite colleges require 2-3 SAT II scores. No accreditation. It's not uncommon around here for private schools to be unaccredited. The only advantage I know of for going to an accredited high school or having an accredited diploma is that some states award scholarships for college based on high school GPA, and these schools must be accredited. Is it that way in CA? Then accreditation would certainly be something I'd want. There are also accredited cover schools that will allow you the freedom of varied curriculum.

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The great majority of universities welcome homeschoolers. Your kid doesn't need a private school diploma anymore than they need a public school one. Neither are considered better than homeschooling.


All families are different, of course, but I truly do feel a bit sorry for people who get buffalo'd into thinking they need an accredited diploma or even accredited classes. They are not better than what a family can put together, take from another source, etc. Individual ones may be GREAT, mind you, but there is SO much available now that anyone can put together a superior program of study for their children.


Your girls would likely get a better education (and definitely a cheaper one) if you just found the appropriate courses through various means for them. And the universities they chose would appreciate what they accomplished through those means. If you are at all worried about proving their abilities, there are things like dual enrollment, SAT II's, AP tests, etc as options.


I hope that makes sense. Again, I'm not saying any family should NOT use full program. Each must do what will work for their own family. But accredited is WAY overrated. Most homeschoolers use a combination of curriculum, courses, methods of delivery and most do just fine, including going to awesome schools (Stanford, MIT, W&M, etc)

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The main issue right now is that all but ONE of the CA schools require accreditation for admission. Kinda goes against the whole, "homeschooling is legal here" thing from the past year huh?


So if that is the plan - then she needs something for that.... if a state school isn't the plan, then she doesn't need it.

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