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Bleak House ending...(spoilers!)

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I don't like for stories to be too...tidy. I don't necessarily like textbook happy endings.


I can handle the death of Esther's mother, and the tragic love we discover that her husband had for her ("If she only knew how much I loved her...").


I can swallow the Jarndyce case being resolved...only to learn that all the estate had been swallowed up in costs (a poignant plot twist, if there ever was one).


It was even sort of expected that Richard was going to die.


But I was CONVINCED that Jarndyce was going to set up the doctor in practice and tell Esther to marry him instead...only for Esther, at the moment of truth, to turn to him (Jarndyce) and say, "No...I really do love you."


I was...dumbfounded. (Well, I guessed when she was crying in her room that it was going to turn that way, but I stayed in denial right up until they were dancing at the wedding).




Was anyone else really disappointed? (Just in this one detail; the miniseries itself was wonderful, excepting this).


Am I just that far off, romance-wise, from the rest of the world? :confused: (I'm now remembering at least one other movie where the 'love connection' wasn't the one I thought it would be.)


Maybe if the doctor had had more screen time, maybe? They just didn't develop that relationship between them, to my satisfaction, I guess, lol.

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Are you speaking of the book or the movie? I was so excited with the thought that someone else read Bleak House, but I think you may be talking about the film version.


I, too, prefer happy endings. Bleak House was a very long book and very depressing.


From the descriptions I've heard of the novel...I probably won't read it, lol.


(One comparison/review that I read said that the miniseries actually tells a better story by tightening up the plot. I generally like books better than their movie adaptations...but there are a few exceptions. I get the feeling this would be one, lol.)

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