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More questions about WWE placement...


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I went ahead and bought the TM for WWE to decide where to place Becca next year. I'm thinking she could easily go into level 2 now - a lot of these skills seem to be covered well between doing SOTW with questions and narration and doing FLL2. She's already reading SOTW passages independently (out loud to me) before doing the review work, as is done in WWE 3.


I have no desire to push her to the next developmental level in writing (i.e., outlining/creative writing) before she's ready. On the other hand, I don't want to bore her or waste our time by doing a writing program that just goes over what we've learned already.


So where would you place her for her next school year (starting in June/July) in WWE? She'll be on to FLL 3 - should we do WWE 2 or 3?

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